Historical Background

Centlec Training & Development Centre (CTDC) was established to address the need for qualified Electricians and other skilled employees. The activities of the Electrical Training Centre commenced during the year 1968. As from 1968 to 1974 training was provided in a less formal manner.

Training material were designed and developed during 1975, resulting in advanced, scheduled and formal training.

The training Centre was updated to be in line with progressed training methods and technologies.Learning material (modules) were developed during 1983 and were used as the training medium for Apprentice Electricians.

These modules were accepted and approved by the Local Government Education & Training Board and was also registered at the Department of Labour during 1987.

The Training and Development Centre is a leader in the development of the Skills Foundation activities in the Free State Region and is accredited by the ESETA, LGSETA and received program approval from MERSETA.

All training officers are registered at the above-mentioned SETA’s as assessors and moderators.

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Our Training Centre also offers special Technical Courses for qualified personnel to improve their technical skills:

Potential Trade Test candidates are evaluated to determine their current practical and knowledge skills. The identified skills shortages are addressed by the relevant gap training. Trade Test results of learners attended training at CTDC are currently excellent.

Centlec Training & Development Centre is ready to provide the newly registered qualification: Occupational Certificate Electrician, which commences early in 2016.

Captured in our vision statement is our intent to become industry leaders in South Africa, with capabilities to design, supply and develop training programs comparable with any country in Africa.


Institutional Training

  • Apprentice Electrician Engineering Training (Modular training).
  • Apprentice Electrician Engineering Training - Occupational Certificate Electrician –SAQA Qualification ID 91761 - Apprenticeship Curriculum Code 671101000.
  • Trade Worker Level 1-4.
  • Learner technician.
  • Trade Test Preparation (Electrical Engineering).
  • Inspect, maintain, repair and faultfinding on Medium Voltage Networks.
  • Low Voltage metering (Bulk metering – connections exceeding 150 Ampere up to 800 Ampere (500 kVA) and Medium Voltage metering (Connections above 800 Ampere). Smart Metering.
  • 11kV Cable Joining & Termination (Paper Insulated Lead & Cross Link Poly Ethylene).

On-job Training

Currently we provide experiential training to thirty apprentices and eight learner technicians of external employers.

The rotation of each Apprentice in the Department is scheduled and monitored to obtain the necessary in-service training at the different electrical Divisions:

  • Energy & Network Control
  • Network Optimisation
  • Transmission
  • Low Voltage
  • Streetlights
  • Medium Voltage
  • Metering
  • Design & Development