Mission And Vision

The Vision

To be a reliable energy utility that enables social and economic upliftment.

The Mission

  • To provide optimal service delivery as mandated by the Mangaung Metropolitan Council.
  • To strategically manage our operations in an effective, efficient and financially prudent manner, as measured against relevant indicators.
  • To seek the most cost effective and innovative energy solutions in partnership with relevant stakeholders in order to maximize shareholder value.
  • To achieve and maintain our operational autonomy as specified in the relevant legislation.
  • To train, develop, attract and retain a highly skilled workforce and to promote sound relations with organized labour.
  • To ensure a safe and healthy environment for our workforce and community.
  • To be a socially responsible corporate citizen that is concerned with improving the lives of the community and the environment in which we operate.





Select your region to determine the group that you are allocated to. Then download the loadshedding schedule below.


Loadshedding Schedule:

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