Geyser Control

Geyser Control Systems

Geyser control unit is installed in the following areas of Bloemfontein and Southern Free State.

  • Mangaung Metropolitan

What is a geyser control system?

Centlec Control Centre are able to continuously measure the demand for electrical power throughout its area of supply. At peak demand times, computer-based load management systems broadcast control signals to receiver control units that are installed at the consumer's premises. These control units are able to interrupt the electricity supply to the geyser, so providing a mechanism to centrally control a substantial portion of the electrical load and reduce the demand for power when necessary, to avoid early stages of load shedding and power failures in your area.

Geyser control units are in use in all areas which get supplied by Centlec and has been in operation in some areas since the early 1970.

The mentioned areas have now been fitted with the necessary equipment at the main substation and therefore we now need to install the geyser control units into the homes.

On weekdays geysers will be controlled between:

Geysers will be controlled (off.) between 17h00 and 22h00 in the evening and controlled (on) from 03h00 in the morning until 17h00 in the evening.

Over weekends geysers will be controlled between:

Geysers will be controlled (off.) between 22h00 in the evening and controlled (on) from 03h00.

Important information:

  • The meaning of controlled (on) is that the computer-based load management systems will control the geysers during that time depending on the demand by the city at every given time. The setting to control this event will be determined on an ad hoc basis if the grid is at risk or a possibility exist of overshooting the demand agreements with the national supplier (Eskom).
  • It is advisable that once the geyser control units have been installed customers should not switch off the geyser isolator in the distribution board, as this will affect the operation of the geyser control equipment which may result in having no hot water. In the case where the customer want to do additional geyser control they must ascertain themselves with the predetermine geyser control times as explained above.
  • With the technology utilized there is a possibility that the control unit might malfunction and the customer will have no hot water. In these isolated scenarios you will have no hot water not even lukewarm water. If you experience lukewarm water you may want to change your hot water usage practice as it might be the cause of using too much hot water at a time, resulting the next person not to have hot water. Faulty conditions can be reported at Centlec Call center 051 406 2345.

Geyser Control - Week Days
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