Van Blecker Feeder tripped at Tempe DC; Spitskop & Groenvlei affecte. Electricians are busy with fault finding. Restoration time is 2 hours          
Welcome to Centlec

Welcome to Centlec

Festive message from the CEO of centlec Mr A.N Mgoqi. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management of CENTLEC SOC Ltd I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our employees clients and staff members a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. As we celebrate and enjoy our holidays with our families relatives and friends let us emphasize and spread the message of no violence against women and children. As men in this country we have a responsibility of protecting our loved ones.

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About Us

Centlec distributes electricity in areas under the jurisdiction of Mangaung Kopanong Naledi Mantsopa and Mohokare Municipalities and has around 177 000 customers. Centlec’s customer base is over 90% domestic and less than 5% commercial consumers. There are approximately 4 400 businesses and bulk customers of Centlec electricity. The core services of the company include New Electrification Networks.Refurbishment and Maintenance of existing networks.Electricity.

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Save Energy

Why insulation is important
Why insulation is important..

Insulation is any material that reduces the amount of heat transfer to or from your home through doors windows walls ceilings floors.

You could save up to 10% on your electricity bill without spending a cent.
You could save up to 10% on your electricity..

follow this checklist Turn down the thermostat on your electrical element geyser to 60°C Set your fridge to 3°C - any lower and it.

Less is more... Using less energy in your home means a lower electricity bill
Less is more... Using less energy in your..

Using less energy in your home means a lower electricity bill - and more money in your pocket at month end. You can achieve this by.